I'm now OPEN for 3-5 fursuit refurbishing slots for 2017! Info on pricing & quote form here: http://tunnysaysidk.com/fursuit-refurbishing.html
I'm going to start answering quotes & choosing designs for my 2017 slots starting Friday August 12th!
You can find info on pricings and process, look at past examples, or get a quote now!

Designs will be chosen by readiness-to-pay (You can chose to get just a pricing on my quote forms now!) and by how well their design matches my style.
If your quote form isn't answered or doesn't send correctly, you can email all the info in the form to tunnysaysidk@rocketmail.com ! 
  The website has gotten a whole new overhaul! New stuff includes an in-depth Commission Process page, as well as way more info in the Pricing & Available Features page. I also did little in-depth galleries for each finished fursuit (the ones that had enough pictures, anyway!) that I still have videos to update for. 

  I've also filled ALL my slots for 2016! Next time I'll be opening is around this time next year for 2017 slots :3